Strange behavior:unique user getting message cannot logon interactively;added user to local group an


Marlon Brown


User1 attempts to logon via Terminal Services to a Win2000 server and get
message that states user cannot logon interactively.
I make a copy of User1 account. CopyUser1 can logon just fine.

Then I go to the local GPO and I see that effective and local policy
settings are:
Users = Logon locally.

The local "Users" group contains "MyDomain\Domain Users" added to it. User1
is a member of Domain Users.

I add the mydomain\User1 directly to the "Users" group on the local server.
I confirm that that Terminal Services configuration allow "Everyone" to
logon to the server as guests.

Again User1 attempts to relogon and get cannot logon interactively message.
This is happening for three servers that work as a load balance for a Citrix

Any idea on what's happening here ? How can I fix this ?

Marlon Brown

Even after adding USer1 to local administrator groups on that server, upon
logon User1 is getting the "cannot logon interactively message".
I already verified that "local administrator" has the rights to log on
locally and able to logon via TS.
What is going on ?

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