Strange Behavior of 802.1X Supplican in Windows XP sp 2




recently i bought a new ethernet switch. i set the switch to use 802.1X
as an authentication scheme on wired ethernet ports. i plugged my pc
and set my windows xp to do the 802.1X MD5 Challenge authentication..
it was successful..

well.. i set the switch to do the re-authentication(why? don't ask i
just wanted to try things on the switch). it doesn't work.. so i traced
the packets with ethereal..

as i understand, the re-authentication should be done the following
(Switch) (PC)
--------------Request ID---------------->
<-------------Response ID--------------
--------------MD5 Challenge---------->
<-------------MD5 Response-----------
--------------EAPoL Success-------->

my pc, however, follows the below sequence and the switch denies the
port i'm attached:

(Switch) (PC)
--------------Request ID---------------->
<-------------MD5 Response-----------
--------------EAPoL Fail---------------->

is it that i'm mis-understanding the concept or the windows xp has no
support for re-authentication of 802.1X md5 challenge?

i posted the very same question on the microsoft korea support
page(well i live in korea..), but no answer yet by anybody..

anybody who suffered(or suffers) the same experience.. please let me
know.. ^^

thank you



suggest you re-post your question in a Windows XP newsgroup. this newsgroup
answers questions about MS Access relational database software.


Thank you.. i didn't notice the "access"..

i just re-posted the message. sorry for the in-convenience..\


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