Storing images in a database



Hi. First of all, I am not at all proficient in Access, I am just a support
person, so I will have to be advised like a noob! Thanks!

Anyway, with regards to this article on the webiste...

My question is, what is implied by "install additional software" here? I
have a user that wants to do this, regardless of performance issues, and we
are both stumped on how to proceed, so any info greatly recieved. Many thanks

See below for the link / website extract....
Embed images directly in an OLE Object field in a database table.

Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) is the technology used to share files
among the various Office programs. For example, when you insert an Excel
spreadsheet into a Word document, or insert a Microsoft PowerPoint slide into
a Microsoft Visio drawing, you're using OLE. You use an OLE Object field when
you need to store images (or links to them), and files from other Office
programs directly in your database.

This method is the easiest to implement because you use the screens and
tools that Access provides. Also, the images become part of your database and
they travel with it. You never need to to update the links to your image

However, embedding images can rapidly inflate the size of your database and
cause it to run slowly. This is especially true if you store GIF and JPEG
files, because OLE creates additional bitmap files that contain display
information for each of your image files, and those additional files can be
larger than your original images. In addition, this method only supports the
Windows Bitmap (.bmp) and Device Independent Bitmap (.dib) graphic file
formats. If you want to display other common types of image files, such as
GIF and JPEG images, you have to install additional software.




At least through Access 2003 (not sure about 2007) the answer is don't use
OLE fields to store images.

Store the image separately as a file, and then use one or two text fields in
your table to store the path(location) and file name of the image. Use code
to display the image in a form or report. I'd search the forum back 1-2
years on how to do that as it has been covered several times and I'm not good
enough to rattle it off from memory.



Pete D.

Other software means something to display the other formats such as JPG.
You will have to install the filter from the office disk. I HIGHLY
recommend you don't store files in the datafile as your datafile will grow
(bloat) quickly. Store them in a directory and use a link from access to
open them.


Hi, thanks for the replies.

Pete D, when you say install the filter, do you know the name of the
component to install from the disk?



Deborah B

Pete D. said:
Mine evolved with updates but I found this one here for the converter pack.
Office Converter Pack

I am building an Access 2003 database for my art inventory. I need to SEE the images in each record. I am intending very small thumbnails (.jpg). The database will contain about 300 records max. If I can't do this, I will have to use some other software which I really don't want to do. I can do it in Excel fine (using the Insert Picture icon on the tool, browse, to my .jpg and double click on it; voila, the picture is displayed in the text field!) Please help. I am so frustrated.


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