Stopwatch Form -- on a Continuous Form



I am able to create the stopwatch form at:

What I am trying to do is the same, except it is on a continuous
form. So if it is a task form and there are five tasks, each form
would have a seperate stopwatch, to include a bound field for the
ElapsedTime. The idea is to record each time spend on each task.

Continuous Form Problem: When I click on 'Start' for the first record
(Task 1) the ElapsedTime begins as expected. When I click 'Stop' the
ElapsedTime stops as expected and is correct.

When I click 'Start' for the second record (Task 2) the ElapsedTime
starts at the time where Task 1 left off. Is there a way to make the
timer in Task 2 is not influenced by Task 1?

Appreciate any help with this.

Thank you!


Tom van Stiphout

On Fri, 14 May 2010 19:06:23 -0700 (PDT), robboll

Even if that were possible, in the general case you can't spawn as
many timer as you would like. I believe the max is 16, but I may be
mistaken. Anyway, can you think of a way to deal with this using a
single timer?

Microsoft Access MVP

Arvin Meyer [MVP]

The problem with a continuous form is that each task is in the same text
box, so that what you see is the same timer. If you had 5 different fields,
you could make it work, but then, of course your database wouldn't be

One possible solution is to create a Stopwatch on an unbound textbox,
similar to the one on my website:

Then in the restart button, write the elapsed time to your text field before
resetting the time.
Jun 9, 2015
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Arvin, I have a stopwatch working in my form. I then store the timer field data to my back end. When I recall the form later, the stored backend timer data is seen in the form field.

What I'd like to achieve, if possible, is a way to have the timer start, not from 00:00:00:00, but from the stored time (say 00:00:14:23). ???

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