Stopping standard user actions using run as admin



I would like to use regedit as well as find a way to turn off that family
safety reminder/viewing on a standard account. But everytime I use the "run
as admin" it does it to that "admin" account not the standard account user.
Is there a way to run admin like actions such as stop change of desktop,
icons, delete temp,history,etc for a standard user? I know i have to run as
admin but that only lets me change "admin" accounts settings.
Also I would like to install a game under this standard account but it puts
all the files, folders, into my admin account not the standard account user.
I found that out as I was trying to run the game under standard account.
I just basically want to protect the standard user without using gpedit.msc
(can't find it anymore) But would rather use the regedit changes to the
standard user but I can't run regedit as standard user so I must use run as
admin but it does not change the standard user settings but my own. I found
out one day when I made changes and I couldn't do much in my admin account.
I have 1 admin and 2 standard for me and my 13 year old cousin who stays
with me.
Thank you for your time.

John Bryntze

Confusing, I think you are doing it the wrong way, could explain again what
you really want and do it in format
1. Have normal account bu tonly play games
2. Admin elevate without prompt
3. Games to run as... yada yada
4. yada yada

To answer your question about regedit
In Registry you have the machine part who is the same for everyone and only
Administrators can change there default.
Then you have the user part that is saved into ntuser.dat in each users
If you run regedit as an Administrator yo are correct, if you change in
HKEY_CURRENT_USER it will be the administrators part of registry and not the
normal user, but if you look under HKEY_USERS you will find the User SID on
this computer and you can change, an example for a SID is
HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-823518204-1580818891-682003330-4735 but it is unique for
the machine and under there you can change for your users as an
But this is not a problem because default a user can change in their own
HKCU and if the problem is to start regedit you can go around it as the
normal user start a command prompt (cmd) and in there type:
reg /?
and you see the syntax to change
for example
reg add HKCU\Software\Bryntze
adds a key named Bryntze...


I have family safety thingy turned on by default on standard accounts.
Everytime they login they get that "reminder" to check activity. And they
have to call me so I can enter the password and "ran as admin" but it doesn't
turn it off for the standard account.

Try to set up a family safety on a standard account with service pack 1. You
will get a icon in sys tray that makes you run it as admin to change things
but it wont change it for the standard user. I tried to make that account
admin just to turn it off but can't work because admin over ride that safety.

Also when I install games as standard user (kid games) using run as They
can't run them at all because it needs the admin token. And it places all the
folders into the admin game folders not the standard users.

I also want to prevent standard users from deleting temp/history/etc in a
standard user account but when I try as run regedit I can't change the
settings in regedit because it does it to the admin. Also I can't find
gpedit.msc anymore. I used to use this method using permissions. Back in xp

All I want is to change things in a standard user account instead of my
admin account and I cannot do this because it changes my admin account
because of the token.

I'm sure many parents go through this and think run as well help them but it
only makes changes in admin. Is there a way to get a standard user token with
admin permissions so I can make these changes? So far I had to restore my pc
back over and over because of my cousin keeps messing things because to play
their games I have to get that admin token and therefore messes up my account.

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