Stop multiple mailbox forwarding?



I recently added a second Exchange user mailbox to my Outlook 2003 profile.
Now there are two mailboxes visible in my folder list: primary and secondary.

The problem is that all mail sent to the secondary mailbox is automatically
forwarded to the primary inbox. (I did not create any "rules" to do this, it
seems to be the default behavior after adding a second mailbox.) I want
messages sent to my secondary mailbox to remain in the secondary inbox. Is
there a way to stop the forwarding?



Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook]

No, that's definitely not normal behavior. In fact, I can't think of a way
to do that, short of having the original owner redirect all their incoming
mail to your primary mailbox. For troubleshooting purposes, you might want
to try a new mail profile.

neo [mvp outlook]


someone needs to go into Active Directory Users and Computers (Exchange
2000/2003) or Exchange Administrator (Exchange 5.5) and turn the forwarding
feature off.


ps - For Active Directory Users and Computers, you have to use a machine
that has the Exchange System Manager installed.


Thanks for pointing out that the behavior described above was not normal. I
investigated Exchange and found the forwarding options were disabled. I
decided to start from scratch, delete the second account and create a new
one. When I added this new additional mailbox to my Outlook profile it
behaved correctly and did not forward the messages.

One last (hopefully) question: Is there a way to set the secondary mailbox
as the default "send from" address for all messages? ( I posted a new
question to this effect.)

That's the second time in as many days that you saved my butt Neo. You
really are the one.



neo [mvp outlook]

Nope. Couple of workarounds that I can think of are...

1) Create a new mail profile and make the secondary account the primary and
your mailbox the auxiliary or

2) Create an Outlook template that has the from address pre-filled out.
Should be able to create a standard desktop shortcut to the template that
saves you a little time.

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