Stop header/footer appearing in subreport




I have a question in regards to Access report and wonder if i could get some
help with that. I have two reports that i would like to combine into one, say
report1 and report2. The difference between them is report1 is of portrait
page-orientation whereas report2 is of landscape type of orientation.

Then, i thought, to do that, i just added a subreport (which is "report2"
report)to report1 and linked them via a certain number of common fields (in
the child/master link). So that worked fine so far.

In the "repot1" report, it has information (e.g title of company) a header
and footer while report "report2" does not need to have any header or footer.
My question is what should i do to keep the header and footer that appear in
report1 from appearing in the report "report2".

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance


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