stop : c0000135 error winsrv is missing



Everytime I try to install sp4 on a win2kadv server. I
get the stop error c0000135. dll is unable to load the
file winsrv in the default load path... Am also getting
errors when trying to sp4 about files not being found..
then it will restart my system give me a blue screen
about the atapi.sys file. then when i restart the
system.. I get the stop error about the winsrv file not
being load. I search the kb and it says to go into safe
mode. However it will not let me get into safe mode. The
first time I got the error. I wiped my system out
completely... when it came back up it asked which os i
wanted to load.... of course they both was the same.
however, I want to know how can I resolve this issue with
out reformatting and loading up windows again?

Jeff Patterson [MSFT]

This issue occurred because winsrv.dll or basesrv.dll wasn't updated during
the Service Pack 4 install.

If you chose to archive files during the Service Pack 4 install, run through
the steps listed in the article below to uninstall SP4:

825062 Service Pack 4 Permits You to Remove the Service Pack by Using the

Jeff Patterson
Microsoft Support

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