stop: c0000135 after installing XP SP3



I tried to install SP3, after re-boot I get a blue screen with " STOP:
c0000135 {unable to locate component} This application has failed to start
because winsrv was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this
problem. I can't re-boot in safe mode or any other mode for that matter. Is
there some type of work around that I can try to get back to my back ups or
restore points?


you might try borrowing
any xp cd and boot with

then you can initiate the
recovery console to get
to the disk prompt.

let us know your status
with an xp cd.


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thanks all, for your replies. I am trying to track down a copy of XP since
the computer I have was a hand-me-down and I didn't get the software with it.
I will post back as soon as I can with results.

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