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In Excel 2003 - under the options dialog box, the ability to show/hide the
status bar was as easy as checking a box.

In Excel 2007 - the process of showing/hiding the status bar involves using
VBA (not difficult, but stiil not as easy as 2003)

I recommend that in the next version of Excel that the ability of
showing/hiding the status bar is a easy as checking a box.

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Is this for REAL?

You need code to hide the Status Bar ?

If so, another reason for me to stick with earlier versions ! ! !

And there's *NO* <vbg> about it !

Gord Dibben


I can't find any way to disable Status Bar in 2007 Excel Options>Advanced or

I hope I just missed the option.


Jim Cone

I don't have xl2007, but I do have a copy of the xl2010 preview.
It doesn't have a manual option to hide the status bar either.
Also, the statusbar height is about double what is in xl2003
and the font size displayed is much larger.
On the other hand, there is are 23 display options available
for inside the bar from Cell mode to Zoom slider.

Personally, I like knowing that the bar will always be available.
Those who don't know how to hide it with code shouldn't be turning
it off anyway. A much better reason to avoid xl2007 can be found
in a post today titled "Extremely slow response time in Excel 2007".
The author states that it takes 2 hours to delete 5000 rows with
calculation turned off. Anyone for an upgrade?
Jim Cone
Portland, Oregon USA

"RagDyer" <[email protected]>
wrote in message
So it's true ... can't be done without code!


<<<"Those who don't know how to hide it with code shouldn't be turning it
off anyway.">>>

Why would you say that?

You're saying that making "clean presentation" copies for management review
could not be done by office staff and would require a programmer?

I couldn't do it, so who do I hire to teach some office clerk how to
accomplish this ... YOU?

I'm sure you know exactly what I mean ... a lot of effort to accomplish a
small benefit.

The whole point of the conversation, including the issues you brought up, is
that Redmond didn't foresee the "monster" they created with Vista and it's

And its unexpectedly (to MS) small sales proves the point with most waiting
for Windows7.




Can anyone tell me how to adjust the size of the status bar only. For some
reason, the bar seems excrutiatingly small in 2007.


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