Static Route Newbie Question


Michael Mishler

Hi all,
I was just wondering where I can read about how to create static routes. I
can't seem to find any beneficial reading on the subject. Up until now,
I've always just used routers with dynamic routes to take care of my
small-office basic networking needs, but I'm exploring solutions that
require I know a little more about routing and such, like tying two remote
networks together with vpn/demand-dialing. Can someone point me in the
right direction assuming I'm new to the concept of network masks and routing
tables? Thanks to all the smart moderators and everyone else in this group!
You're very helpful!




Dusty Harper {MS}

I'd suggest reading W. Rchard Stevens TCP/IP Illustrated: The Protocols and
/ or David Comer's Internetworking with TCP/IP vol 1

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