Startup Issues on Windows Server




I am an admin of a server 2003 AD enviroment and am having a problem with a

What happens is that everytime the DC (which holds fsmo roles) is rebooted,
it just hangs for about 15-20 minutes on 'preparing network connections...'
box. This also prevents dns service from starting up in a timely manner,
which subsequently causing name resolution issues across then network. In
fact it takes several reboots and numerous restarts of the dns service before
dns actually starts again.

As mentioned, this DC holds the fsmo roles hence is an important server. It
previously had exchange 2003 installed on it, which isn't a good idea I know
- it was installed by an admin before me. A few months ago I had to manually
remove exchange from this DC because it wouldn't let me remove it the normal
way. Exchange is now on another server.

So what can be causing this abnormal hanging at startup? Could it be related
to exchange being manually removed from the DC or something else? Is it
trying to look for something (ie server/service) but takes it a very long
time to find? I'm thinking in lines of dns or exchange services? The event
viewer doesn't really give a straightforward indication of why this is

If it is the above and cannot be solved in an easy way, then I'm thinking of
installing a new DC and moving all fsmo roles onto a new 'clean' server that
has no errors under the hood, so to speak.

Any advice on solving this would be appreciated.



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