Star row in DataGridView causes a Data Error!



A DataGridView is Bound to a bindingSource that in turn is bound to a Table
in a TypedDataSet
When I Add Records to the the DataTable in DragDrop EventHandler it causes
DataGridView to Add an Empty Dummy Record at the end that causes to produce
an error (because one of the fields in the record must not be null)?!

Actually the (* row) makes this problem. when the user clicks the star row
to add a new row (without typing anything insisde it), the DGV does not go
editing mode. then adding rows to DataSet programatically (like a drag drop
event that adds rows; or a timer that adds rows in its event handler) causes
* row to remain. Now if the user navigates away from that empty * star row,
the DGV error dialog box appears.

What Should I Do (Before messing with DataSet that is bound to a

Isn't this a Bug?


this link didnt say anything about how to resolve the issue!? it didnt have
a DGV bound to the dataset to produce error!!

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