Standard PC and Power Interface(ACPI) PC in one image?


Günter Wirth


I have two hardware platforms, one with ACPI and one without. I want to use
the same image for both platforms. Is it possible to create an image with
the components <Standard PC> and <Power Interface(ACPI) PC>. The Target
designer gives me an error message and I have to select only one of the

I tried it by using <Standard PC> for both platforms. It seems to work, but
without ACPI functions on the platform with ACPI.

Anybody an idea to solve the problem?




Matt Kellner \(MS\)

Hi Gunter. I am not aware of any way to get multiple, switchable HALs
working on the same target system. The problem is that regardless of which
HAL you use (Standard PC, ACPI, etc), the HAL component brings the single
binary hal.dll into the image (hal.dll is the destination filename, though
each HAL has a separate source filename in the repository), along with a
variety of reg keys that are important for the HAL to work properly.

Because you have basic hardware differences between your target systems, you
would probably be best advised to either use the lowest common denominator
(Standard PC), or create separate images for each target system. To
simplify the process, you could start your image using whatever template you
want, add all the runtime-specific components you want, save this as your
base SLX file so you can come back to it, and then for each target system,
import your PMQ file and resolve dependencies.

Another alternative might be to simply add all the HAL components you'd need
(TD will only allow one of them to be enabled at a time), build for the
first system, then disable the active HAL and enable another one to build
for your second target, and so on. You should resolve dependencies each
time, as different HALs may have different dependencies. I cannot guarantee
that this will work properly, however.

Matt Kellner ([email protected])
STE, Windows Embedded Group

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.



Slobodan Brcin \(eMVP\)


There is a way but it is intended mostly for development purposes.

In boot.ini you can specify names of kernel and hal files so this mean that
you can put different versions on these files with different original names.
Also you will have to add all additional components required by both ACPI
and standard configurations.


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