Stacked columns width too thin - how can I alter?




I've created a bar chart with stacked columns, but the bars have come
through no wider than a 1pt line - I've managed to increase them to the width
of a 2pt line by reducing the 'gap' to zero in 'Format data series->
options', but this is still not wide enough to see the bar colour and not
consistent with the legend. How can I get the bars to be a standard width so
I can see the data? I've also tried transposing the data to see if this made
a difference, but no luck.

The data is as follows:
Column 1 = date (1/1/08; 8/1/08, etc)
Column 2-4 = time values for different training type times, eg run, cycle,
swim (format = 00:29:34)
Columns 5 = number value between 120 - 200 (for average heart rate)

Column 1 = chart x axis.
Total of columns 2-4 = primary y axis plotted as stacked column
Column 5 = secondary y axis plotted as line.

Any suggestions?! Thanks



Andy Pope


The chart is plotting the xaxis as time series, due to dates in column 1.
Right click chart and select Chart Options. On Axis tab set the x axis to


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