stacked column chart but label with %?



Hi again everyone,

I have a graph that has 5 variables in a stacked column. X axis is
year, Y axis is total number of people. On the same graph, I'd like to
label each individual series with its % of the total for that year.
I've done this before by making individual text boxes and manually
entering in the percentages, but I feel like there must be a better way
to do this. I tried a line-column graph and plotted the percentages on
a second Y axis (percentage) but the data points don't line up with
their corresponding bar chunk. I hope I'm making sense, I've b een
staring at this for quite awhile. Thanks!!




You might try using a PivotChart, instead of the normal chart tool. Pivot
tables have built in support for "% of total" so I assume pivot charts might
also have better support for that than the standard chart tool.

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