Square root with a remainder



::Hi all, I'm looking for a little help here with sqrt in excel.

I know that sqrt function returns a decimal as an answer, but I'm
looking for something slight different. Is there a way to make the
fucntion return an integer, with a remainder? :rolleyes:

For example,
D = Q^2 + R
1 = 1 + 0
2 = 1 + 1
3 = 1 + 2
4 = 2 + 0

and so on

So let's say I give the function a 5, I'm expecting a 2 for Q and 1 for


Sorry that should have been.....

If you have a number in A1 then in B1

=INT(SQRT(A1)) and in C1


....if you want it all in one cell


Harlan Grove

Aladin Akyurek wrote...
A2: 5





QUOTIENT rather than INT seems willfully inefficient.

As for the remainder, why not


well aside from the severe limitations in MOD?

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