sqldataadapter, datacolumn rowstate



Hello All,

I use a dataadapter to fill a datatable from a sql server table. The
datatable contains one column ROW_ID which is set as the PrimaryKey.

The sql server table contains a single row and no new rows are added
between refreshes.

I refresh the datatable every 3 minutes using the dataadapter.fill

The primary key prevents the same record being added but I'm confused
as to why the fill method triggers the DataRowChangeEventArgs event
with an action of type change and the datarow rowstate is set to
modified. ?

Thanks in advance

Cor Ligthert [MVP]


A dataadapter should send only those row to the database that has been

Are you sure that your data is sent every 3 minutes, if it is right it
should only be done the first time and every following 3 minutes stay
unchanged in the dataset. (As I have the idea it is).


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