SQL Server CE and Windows Mobile 2003 Devices

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Nicolas Nasdrovisky

Hi all.

Is SQL Server CE 2.0 compatible with Windows Mobile 2003 Devices (like Symbol
PPT 8840 w/ Mobile 2003) ???

If the answer is yes, I am a little bit confused about the following article
from MS (DataSet Server CE: Database Connectivity for Windows Mobile-Based


My concern is that I am looking for an software development solution (like
Visual Studio .NET 2003 + SQL Server CE 2.0) that would be compatible with
Windows CE 4.X devices and Windows Mobile 2003 devices...

Any comment or reference article ?

Thanks a lot.



Ginny Caughey [MVP]


SqlCe 2 is supported for Windows Mobile devices as well as CE devices but
not for Smartphone devices. That's why the article provides an alternative
that can be used on Smartphones. (Note that future versions of Smartphone
will have a future version of Sql Ce in ROM.)

Graham McKechnie


Then they may be worth buying. Do you know of any manuafacturers that are
planning to support CE. Do you know if they will support the large database
sizes I need now. They'd been a pretty cool tool if they could. I doubt that
article is going to help much at the moment - probably a touch slow with all
that XML, but the concept was good.




Ginny Caughey [MVP]


Unless you have an immediate need for a database for Smartphones, I'd just
wait for SqlCE 3 (aka SQL Server Mobile Edition), due out if about a year.
It has several nice enhancements over SqlCe 2, such as improved performance
and the ability to create the database on the desktop machine and then just
copy it down to the device or over to a a flash card. If you do need to
support phones right now, I'd probably target PocketPC Phone Edition models.
There are some new ones just coming to market that have a nicer form factor
than the original models.

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