SQL problem on DELETE



I have a table which has 5 primary keys. I am having a
problem when I try to run a DELETE statement.
3 of the Primary keys are a Date/Time type.

The error message is a Data Type Mismatch error.
I know it has to do with the 3 keys that are Date/Time

Here is my SQL:

DELETE FROM Case_Issue_Tech_t WHERE [Case#] = '123' AND
[Issue#] = '123' AND TechID = '123' AND [Date] = 'a date'
AND [Time_Start] = 'a start time' AND [Time_End] = 'an
end time'

Thanks for your help head of time,



Gerald Stanley

Are you enclosing your date/time parameters in ## marks?
The example below has them enclosed in '' marks which would
certainly give a type mismatch error.

Hope This Helps
Gerald Stanley MCSD

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