spyware problem? windows launch delay



I am using Windows XP, on a HP Pavilion laptop. Until two days ago, it was
working beautifully.

But now, tragedy. When I turn on my computer, I see the Windows welcome
screen as normal, then my desktop as programs begin to launch. However, only
after 2 minutes does the microsoft jingle play, as the wireless, LAN, and
norton antivirus icons appear in the taskbar. Until then, I cannot launch any

Until two days ago, my computer took 30sec to start, the jingle played
during the welcome screen, and all taskbar icons launched simultaneously.

I have not installed any new programs since then. I have tried clearing the
launch programs on msconfig.exe, using three different spyware programs, and
running a virus sweep, to no effect. I had this problem a month ago already -
it disappeared after I installed and ran spyware.

Thanks for your help.




Ababydoc probably has more or less the same problem as mine. Refer to "XP
Home Boot Failure" posted by Hoa (yours truly) Thursday Sept. 9. This
morning just a few minutes ago I turned on the computer, POST was OK, XP
screen appears then the blank blue screen also showed up. I waited 2
minutes but nothing happens so I rebooted the computer. The blue screen
came on as before. This time I waited a little longer then the welcome
screen shows up and I was able to log on to compose this email. Until last
Sunday my computer had no problems, it came on very fast.


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Michael Solomon \(MS-MVP Windows Shell/User\)

Try using System Restore to take you back to a time prior to when this
began. Start\All Programs\Accessories\System Tools\System Restore.

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