Spurious disk activity, disabled the usual suspects.



I have a Dell XPS 1530 with Vista Buisness installed.
The problem I'm having is that every once in a while it seems that the
laptop embarks on a lengthy period of constant disk operation. This
happens approximatly every 2-3 days and lasts about 15 minutes.
I have read practically every bit of information google can find
regarding this.
Here's what I've done so far:
- Disabled indexing, auto-defragment
- Disabled any other service which I don't need according to this
- Installed Sysinternals autoruns.exe, procmon.exe and Process
- Disabled any scheduled tasks I don't need using the Scheduled tasks
- Using autoruns.exe, Disabled any programs that run on login, went
again over all the scheduled tasks.
- There is no antivirus installed, windows firewall is enabled,
windows defender is enabled but its scheduled task is not.

When the disk activity is happening I'm opening procmon.exe (with
minimal filters) and I don't see anything happening other than the
occasional (once every few seconds) access by explorer.exe.
In Process Explorer I've added the IO Read delta, IO Write delta and
IO Other delta columns. When the disk activity is happening I see no
unusual activity other than the occasional access by explorer.exe,
lsass.exe and csrss.exe. Nothing as intensive as what the drive
activity sounds like.
All of the service processes are silent.
The same test using windows task manager yields the same result.

What could possibly be the cause of this? and why can't I see it
happening in any of the tools I'm using?
Is there some kind of low-level disk monitor that could give me a
definitive answer as to who accesses the disk?

Richard Urban

No antivirus installed. I would suspect that the computer has been invaded
and periodically someone else has been using it for their purposes.

Enable everything in Windows defender. Allow it to do the daily checks (only
takes a couple of minutes).

Install a good antivirus program and update it. Then run a comprehensive

Download a few good anti malware programs. Update them and run comprehensive
scans with them.

You may be surprised at what you find.

Mick Murphy

Check and protect your computer with these Programs.
No AV, or anti-Malware is madness these days.


Avast Anti-Virus is XP and Vista compatible (32bit and 64bit Versions),
FREE, auto-updating, and a low resources user of your computer.
And, only have 1(one) Anti-Virus installed / running on your computer at any
one time..
Conflicts may occur if you have more than 1(one).


Spybot Search & Destroy 1.6 is a very good, FREE Anti-Spyware Program.
Download, install, update, and immunize your System with it.
Then SCAN with it.
Update it, and scan your System once a fortnight.


SpywareBlaster 4.1 is a non-intrusive, FREE Anti-Spyware Program (no
scanning by you!).
SpywareBlaster prevents the installation of many so-called spyware, adware
and malware programs by disabling the CLSIDs of popular spyware ActiveX
controls, and also prevents the installation of any of them via a webpage
Update it once a fortnight.


Malwarebytes is as the name says, a Malware Remover!
For the Free version scroll down their page to either download from
Download.com, or Major Geeks.com

Download, install, and update


Non said:
You told us weeks ago that you were no longer pursuing your failed Vista
hate campaign.
Where you just just lying...as usual?


Frank said:
You told us weeks ago that you were no longer pursuing your failed Vista
hate campaign.
Where you just just lying...as usual?

He's Aliasses twin isn't he


You told us weeks ago that you were no longer pursuing your failed Vista
hate campaign.
Where you just just lying...as usual?

You told us months ago you would behave. Well?

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