spreadsheet formating



I am workind daily on master spreadsheets. I have seperate spreadsheets for
specific account types and one master that contains them all. The size for
some of the individuals is extremely large compared to the master which
contains all . Could there be some type of formatting error or some
information that is hidden within these spreadhsheets that would make them to
large to work with . Could there be a corruption within the excel that is on
my PC that may cause this size variance to occur?

I copy new spreadsheets into the master each week. Could copying the
information into the master cause the information to duplicate and enlarge
the size of the workbook?



Gord Dibben

Select one of the sheets in a suspect file.

Hit CTRL + END to see where Excel takes you.

Could be Excel has over-estimated your used range.

For help on re-setting, see Debra Dalgleish's site.


Gord Dibben Excel MVP

On Wed, 9 Feb 2005 20:23:02 -0800, sweetcircuit of excel <sweetcircuit of

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