spoolsv.exe slows PC by using 98% of cpu without printing


Al C

The users PC will slow down drastically. they will try to
just highlight a file in the explorer window and it take a
minute to actually see the file get highlighted. When I
check the processes during this slow time, I find that
spoolsv.exe is using 98% of the cpu even though the person
shutdown & came back up without printing anything. Why
would one of the spool programs take up so much cpu if it
isn't being used? There's no error messages or problem
logs that I've found. Anyone have a similar problem or
any suggestions to try? Thanks in advance. Al C


I think that this is one of the W32.Gaobot.gen.
Just go to the Symantec HP and search for the Virus (Worm). If yo
can't reach the Symantec HP open the fil
%Windows/System32/drivers/etc/hosts and delete each entree which start
with "" except the entree of localhost.

The worm also destrois some parts of the registry.

I hope this was helpful for you.



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