spoolsv error - entry point not found after upgrade to sp4



Has anyone had this error? "spoolsv.exe - Entry Point Not Found" on a
windows 2000 terminal server.

The above message appears on the console after a reboot, and until someone
clicks on the OK button, no one can connect to the terminal server.

I started getting this error after upgrad to win2k sp4 from sp2.

When I uninstall sp4 & go back to sp2, and the error goes away; but when I
reinstall sp4, the error is back. Because of new MS patches, it is
important to upgrade to sp4.

Any ideas?

Thanks for any help.


Vera Noest [MVP]

"Ordinal not found" and "Entry Point Not Found" errors usually
point to a version mismatch. This can happen if you install more
then one hotfix or service pack without rebooting in between, and
without using Qchain.

I would re-apply SP4 (but don't keep a copy of the old files the
second time you apply it).

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