Spoolsc.exe taking up 99% CPU



After installing a HP printer my computer started running
very slow. I went to task manager and noticed
spoolsv.exe is taking up 99% of CPU time. I uninstalled
the printer rebooted and the issue is still present. I
did a search on Google and found that there is a virus
using the same file name. I looked and the spoolsv.exe
file is located in windows\system32 so it seems to be the
legit file. I have ran a couple of virus scans and no
viruses detected. The OS is Win XP Home. I've looked in
msconfig and stopped anything regarding printers and the
issue is still present. Does anybody know of a way to
fix this? I can end the process but it keeps loading
back up.


If you go to printer properties check to see if it is set to print directly to printer. If not try changing it. See if this works.

good luck.

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