Split form keeps opening up too large



I have a split form that keeps opening up way to large. I have tried
adjusting the Auto Center, Auto Resize, Fit to Screen properties but I'm
still having problems. Are there settings that will allow the user to adjust
the size of the popup form and for current size to be saved so it will open
the same way the next time the form is opened? There isn't a lot of info on
the form and it is irritating for it to open up and cover the 80% of the

Here are some of the properties I currently have set:

Default View = Split Form
Auto Center = Yes
Auto Resize = No (have tried yes as well)
Fit to Screen = No
Border Size = Sizable
Moveable = Yes

Under OTHER:
Pop Up = Yes
Modal = No


Tried that also. Fit to Screen is currently set to yes. Thanks for the help


The 'Split Form' is new for 2007. The properties you mention have existed
for many versions, so I seriously doubt that either knows of the other... aka
non-integrated. (Hopefully Clint will correct me if I'm wrong.)

A Split Form behaves just as any datasheet view would. To see this, open
any table and notice how it fills the available room on the screen. Do the
same with any select query. Therefore, 'Split Form' is really a misnomer, as
it should be called a 'Split Datasheet View'.

Thus, if real estate is an issue... don't use a SPV.

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