spell checker gone wild!



I am using Access 2007... When I spell check a memo field in form view, it
continues spell checking for every record in that form. This happens with
both the spell check command and with the use of the spell check icon.

HOWEVER if I highlight all of the data in the memo field and press F7 (for
spell check) it will only check that one record. This trick does NOT work if
I use the spell check command (in a macro under a button) or if I use the
spell check icon.

I maintain Access 2003 databases in Access 2007 and they show the very same
symptoms even when running them under 2003.


Arvin Meyer MVP

You'll need to use code to fix that. That means you'll need to put your app
in a Trusted Location and trust code. Here is a generic function which can
be called from any form. Just put it in a standard module and name the
module something like basUtilities (anything but the same name as the

Public Function Spell()
' Arvin Meyer 9/17/1998
' Adapted from code by Terry Wickenden
Dim ctlSpell As Control
Dim frm As Form
Set frm = Screen.ActiveForm
DoCmd.SetWarnings False
' Enumerate Controls collection.
For Each ctlSpell In frm.Controls
If TypeOf ctlSpell Is TextBox Then
If Len(ctlSpell) > 0 Then
With ctlSpell
.SelStart = 0
.SelLength = Len(ctlSpell)
End With
DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdSpelling
End If
End If
DoCmd.SetWarnings True
End Function

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