Spell check on custom MailItem form when replying



I am developing an Outlook add-in, which uses a custom form for e-mail
messages. To explain it very simply, the custom form is used every time when
the user composes an e-mail message. (I.e.: The custom form is used for a
new, reply or forward message.)

The problem:
If the setting in Outlook is set to "Ignore original message text in reply
or forward" (and it is working correctly with standard Outlook forms), I
cannot achieve the same affect in my custom form. (I.e.: The spell checker
will check the entire message body.)

Details of the implementation:
1st assumption: Since Outlook doesn't allow to change the default form for a
e-mail message (i.e. for an IPM.Note MessageClass), I monitor the
Inspectors.NewInspector event to catch when a new message is opened.
When that happens, I create a new custom form, copy over the content (i.e.
recipients, subject, message body and other properties) and discard the
original. All this happens behind the scene, hidden from the user's eyes.
However, in the new custom form the entire message body is "new", therefore
the spell checker will check the entire message.

Obviously, the best programming solution would be to tell Outlook right
after copying the message body, that everything what is there is "original
text". (Something similar to the AcceptChanges method whe working with a
DataSet.) However, I didn't find similar functionality in the spell checker.

At this point I'm not sure that it is possible, and I would appreciate any
thought on the issue,


Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

You can't control that with a custom form and there's no programmatic access
to the spell checker. About all you can do is open Word and spell check
whatever you want from your email pasted in a Word doc. That's not very
pleasing but about your only option.

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