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Hello all,

I hope someone can help me understand a little bit better about the
differences between a list box and a continous form with respect to load time
speed, and a way to speed it up.

I have created an application that utilizes a backend database. To speed the
application up, after the tables are linked and verified, I have a hidden
form open and keep an open link to the backend via a table with only a few
records. I am noticing on the forms that I have several continous subforms
whose record sources are based on saved queries, that the load times are
greater than those forms where I do not have any subforms. I am also
noticing that forms with list box who's source is also based upon a saved
query load faster than the forms with the continous subforms.

(Times shown here are based upon a laptop over a wireless network running at
54.0 mbps)
As an example here are examples of different forms in the application and the
time to open:

An unbound form: <Instantaneous>
A form with list box based on saved query: <Instantaneous>
A form with one continous subform: <2 seconds>
A form with two continous subform: <4 seconds>
A form with ten continous subforms: <30 to 40 seconds>

(Speeds are slightly faster when connected at 100 mbps, but not significant.)

Is there a way to speed these up or is there any work around. I thought
maybe have them load in the background when the application is started, and
unhide when opened, which has a long start time because the main form it
opens to has several continous subforms.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Douglas J Steele

Afraid I don't have any answer for you, but I wanted to mention that using
Access over a wireless network isn't recommended. Access is very sensitive
to network blips, and wireless networks tend not to be quite robust enough.

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