Speech Recognition using Macros



In Word 2002 & 2003, I could correct students' papers quickly by loading a
template with macros I created. Then, I spoke the name of the macro into my
microphone and my macro was inserted into the student's paper.

For example, if the student wrote: "I am a studdnet," I'd put my cursor
behind the word "studdnet," say "spelling error" into the mike, and Word
2003 would insert my macro, so you'd see this: "I am a studdnet"<<Careful!
the spelling.>>

Can anyone help me set up Vista to do the same? I'm using Word 2007.>>

Steve Schapel


The focus of this newsgroup is Macros in Access, the database program. You
will have better chance of getting good help if you re-post in a Word
related newsgroup, or perhaps a Vista related newsgroup.

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