specific data



Hi all, I used an example to explain my problem
I have data (plant/car) in column A in sheet 1, I want to have specific data
in sheet2 (only car) without having anything else

Sheet1- A1=car,A2=plant,A3=plant,A4=car

Sheet2- A1=if(sheet1!$A1=car;sheet1!A1;0)-- Sheet2-
A2=if(sheet1!$A2=car;sheet1!A2;0) Sheet2- A3=if(sheet1!$A3=car;sheet1!A3;0)
Sheet2- A4=if(sheet1!$A4=car;sheet1!A4;0) etc

Now for each cell in sheet1 does not equal car, I will get “zero†in sheet2
Sheet1- A1=car,A2=0,A3=0,A4=car

What I can do to avoid “zeroâ€, and to have only the data I want without
spaces between cells, which mean I want to have “car†in sheet2
Sheet1- A1=car,A2=car

Please help me




You can copy everything to the 2nd sheet, then sort by "0", highlight all
the rows that have 0, and delete them

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