Spanned disks in Vista Premium....How come they won't work?


Albert Giuliano

I have Vista Premium, I upgraded a machine originally running XP Pro with 4
hard drives converted to Dynamic disks spanned (so as to make one large

After I installed Vista the "Large Drive" didn't show up in My computer,
they did show up in the Disk manager, so I deleted the partitioning and
reset them back to basic disks.

But now no matter what I do I can't convert them to dynamic disks, the "Disk
Spanning" never completes the process but always comes up with an error
about that something was done wrong and I need to check the procedure or

I used the help file to verify I was doing it correctly, so I'm lost as to
what the problem is...

This real simple under XP pro and 2000. All the Vista documentation clearly
states that it can be done. Any one out there having this problem?



Kerry Brown

Dynamic disks are only supported in Vista Business, Ultimate, and
Enterprise. It sounds like you have Vista Home Premium.

Albert Giuliano

If they only supported it the higher version, then why is the option and
dialog wizard available under premium?

Its not like I'm looking for something that's not there at all, there is an
option to "Span disks" and when I choose that option I get a dialog
requesting which drives to span to... it fails to complete the operation.
This would be equal to going through process of cutting a hole in wall and
installing a door... but not a door knob. There is no documentation in the
Vista premium Help file that says the option only applies to other versions,
there is however Detailed instructions on how to carry out that procedure.
It appears some one forgot a registry key or something.


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