SP3 - Changed password not saved



In addition to a post just before me. I have Service Pack 3 just installed on
Windows Home Edition.

I did change the password of Administrator in Safe Mode in ControlPanel/User
Account dialog in several ways (NO mistyping) :
- by logging in the Adminstrator Account
- by making Administrator available trough the registry in an account with
administrative rights

Every time I tried to log in through the Welcome screen it returns with
'wrong password'.

Then i made a new user with administrative right and a password. Logging
into that user had the same result : wrong password.
Still happy to have a user without a password,otherwise i would be locked
out of the system.
It seems to me that either :
- there is someting wrong in the logon module
- There is something wrong in the registry

Does anyone have a clue?






I found out myself. This was the cause of all evil :

First of all it was on a notebook with those little lamps you do not pay
attention to.
Apparantly on installation time op SP3, either Num-Lock key was on and/or
SP3 changed a registry value, which i will mention later. On a notebook you
do not want Num-Lock on most of the times.

I found out what was wrong by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Delete twice in the login
screen and so getting the traditional login.
I had to type the user and saw that I got numbers instead of characters.

'Googling' I found the registry value what could be the cause. When Num-Lock
is during install this value is changed and N-L will be on in the Login
screen and only the, Afterwards it is off again.

How to solve :
Find registry key :

[HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Keyboard] (for all users)
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Keyboard] (for current user)

Look for value :

"InitialKeyboardIndicators" which will be on "2"

Change this value to "0"

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