Sound error



I switched the cable that goes from the motherboard to my hard disk, because
I wanted to place the hard disk in a upper location in my case. So I needed a
longer cable and connected it to the motherboard, and it's only function is
to provide my hard disk.
After I did this I lost my sound, because I think the first cable that was
connected with my hard disk also connected the sound card.
So when I try to play music in my winamp, I get an errormessage:
Device not found. Please select another device in configuration
Error code:88780078

But when I try my soundblaster diagnostic, all tests pass and I even get
sound from my speakers. I havent tested it on games. But I geuss I will get

How can I fix this in a easy way, becasuse I don't want to uninstall all
sound setting because I have alot of updates.
Maybe I should use the cable that is connected to my hard disk and also use
one port of it to connect it to my soundcard.


Your sound card would not have been connected via an IDE cable, I'm assuming
that your hard drive is IDE. You may want to try uninstalling the device
driver and opening up your pc again the re-seat your sound card. It could
have been bumped when you installed the hard drive. Then reinstall the
driver in windows. If it still doesn't work try installing the sound card in
a different PCI slot.


Absolutely right. I got carried away. It was a cable that I had forgotten to
connect. It was from the sound card to it's secondary device where you can
connect headphones and other inputs like optical and so on.
But I did get sounds in like wmp, but not winamp. So I changed the
DirectSound output in winamp from primary sound device to my soundcard, and I
also then got sound from winamp

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