Sound Blaster 2 ZS dead after reboot


Jeff D

Did a clean install on a Gateway 3200XL, loaded all the updates and drivers.
Sound card works normally until I reboot, then no sound but the card is
still in device manager and displayed as working properly. I made sure the
motherboard sound chip was disabled in the bios, moved the Audigy sound card
to a different slot, made sure I had the latest driver, made sure mute is
not checked, that SoundBlaster is the default and that I had the "use only
default device" box checked in the audio tab and still no sound after a
reboot. If I uninstall the driver and then reinstall I get sound as long as
I don't reboot. During the reboot the sound chimes until I log in then the
sound is gone. I've also made sure I have all the drivers loaded for the
motherboard. I'm not sure what to try next, any help??


Well this is not much of an answer but it may be better than nothing.
I had the same problem with an old laptop. It wasn't worth putting
time into so I didn't. I had reloaded everything because of a crash,
so it wasn't windows being corrupted. I discovered that the sound
install file could be run from a batch with a /quiet switch so it just
ran in the background with no need for intervention. I put that in the
startup. Made the system busy for the first couple of minutes, but
then it worked. I didn't turn it off much, just put it into hibernate.

Daniel B. Wright

Jeff> njem thanks for the reply, I went to sound card web site and
Jeff> after a few driver tries found one that works.

I have the exact same problem. What is the driver that worked for you?

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