I would like to ask how to write a formula to summarize info on a separate
worksheet within the current workbook.

Example: Info is on Sheet 1 in C1 & C2, and Sheet 1 in E1 & E2, and I want
to display on Sheet 2 A1 & A2, and Sheet 2 A4 & A5, with a blank row
between A2 & A4 the numbers that are on Sheet 1

On my list of numbers, I first copied and pasted 200 #'s in B1, and in C1
the formula =SUM(B1), then in C2 I wrote =SUM(B200), and repeated this 150

Then on Sheet2 so I could print all 150 pairs of answers on one sheet to
easily reference.

I wrote the following example starting in B1, repeated this 12 times to get
all 150 pairs of answers. I wrote Down 13 sets of 3 rows, then over to the
right starting in D1, D2, etc.

Column A1 Column B1
1 =SUM(Sheet1!B1) and
A4 is a Blank Row
2 =SUM(Sheet1!D1) and

I was looking for an easier way to get the info from Sheet1! and Sheet2!
onto my summary sheet; Sheet3!

This took me about 2 hours. I hope there is an easier way to do this.

Sorry for being so wordy.



Peo Sjoblom

No need for sum if you only want to link a cell from another sheet, you can
just copy the cell(s), then do edit>paste special and select link

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