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Hi all, I searched but couldnt find an answer to this problem.
I have a lot of items that are serial numbered, the portable scanner drops
the serial numbers into column A with no problem at all. Then I need pass or
fail to show in column F. This is no problem at all either (because I learnt
from previous threads).
My problem is that the items are scanned numerically randomly and passed or
failed, but when I sort column A into ascending numerical value, column F
value doesnt move to the new row that the column A value moves to.

A B thru E F
2 details Pass
1 details Fail

and when I sort it all I end up with

A B thru E F
1 details Pass
2 details Fail

instead of

A B thru E F
1 details Fail
2 details Pass

How do I make the result in column F follow/sort with that of column A????

This is the smartest forum I have encountered for a long time, Im sure
someone can help.





outwest via

Hi Ardus,
B thru E just has details of size, shape etc that are sourced from another
sheet, sheet 2 in this case, it is called editor.
The formulas in sheet 1 B thru E read like
Column B =editor!(b2) Column C =editor!(c2) etc
The results in B thru E will auto sort themselves as Column A is sorted in
ascending value.
The result in column F (pass or fail) is input by the barcode scanner after
the operator scans the serial number and assesses the item.

I basically need to "lock" A and F together so they move as one.

Thanks for taking an interest

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