Sort query returns no records




I've developped a simple database to keep track of student training
records. Students are trained on various indexed documents. (The index
number looks like this: WM-PR-01). Each student is assigned a profile
that links to a list of documents that student should be trained on. I
have three tables (student info, indexed document list, training
records). A report is linked to a parameter query based on info from
the three tables.

The database user enters the student name and profile and generates a
training record. I would like the report to list all existing and
missing training dates for all documents within the given student

I have been using the query dialog box in Access to sort and select
records but either the query returns no records or the sort order is
not correct (no error message though). The sort order is applied to
the document index field ("text" as the variable). I am also using a
wildcard (*) on the profile field ("text" as a variable) to return all
matching document for the selected profile.

I've also tried to sort on the report itself using the grouping and
sorting tool. The sort order is partially achieved; it seems to
produce groups, each of which are organized internally according to
the criteria, but they aren't synthesized into a single list following
the criteria.

Any idea what I should be looking into? I'd rather see how to do this
with the query box, rather than have to learn SQL or VBA coding.

Thanks in advance for your input,


Jerry Whittle

Show us the SQL. Open the query in design view. Next go to View, SQL View
and copy and past it here.

Also show us example data of how the sort is incorrect. However I'm guessing
that you have numbers in a text field. Text is sorted from left to right and
the size of the number does not matter. In text this would be the proper sort
order even though 22 is a larger 'number' than 3. However the leading 2 is
smaller than 3.:


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