Sort Favorites INSIDE IntExp by "Last modified/creation date" (not alphabetically)?


Tobias Merler

When I go in IntExp 6 (under WinXP) to the Favorites menu (resp. to sub-folders in Favorites)
then all the fav links are sorted alphabetically.

How do I let them de displayed by "Last modified reps. creation date" ?

When I go into WinExplorer into the Favorites folder then all the URLs links are sorted
by column "Date modified". So this has not an impact on the sort order inside IntExplorer.


Wesley Vogel

How do I let them de displayed by "Last modified reps. creation date" ?

As near as I can tell you can't unless you do it yourself manually.

The sort order for the Favorites menu in Internet Explorer is stored here...

In IE, Sort by Name or dragging the links and folders around in whatever
order you want seem to be the only options for sorting Favorites. Probably
because it's a menu not a folder.

The sort order for %userprofile%\Favorites folder is stored some where

The trouble is that the folders are not listed by name, but by number. The
order they are listed by is when they were opened.

For example...
Value Name: Sort

What's the Followup-To stuff?

Hope this helps. Let us know.

MS-MVP Windows Shell/User


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