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I have the following source data for a stacked column bar chart. Each name
is a series and the dates are on the category axis. I'm trying to sort the
bars so that on the 30-Jun bar, for example, sam would be on top, the Peg,
etc. I've tried several suggestions on this site, to no avail. Can someone
help with my example? Thanks.

scott brian june peg sam
30-Jun 0 5 0 6 11
11-Jul 1 8 3 11 4
18-Jul 8 5 6 2 5



Jon Peltier

Organize the columns left to right, such that the bars you want to appear
highest in the chart are furthest to the right. You can't mix the order of a
series in different stacks, in other words, the top series is on top of all

- Jon


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