someone hacked into our machine and changed the users and passwords



Hello, this afternoon someone came into our machines at
work and changed all the users and passwords. When I say
came into the machine I mean that you could see the cursor
moving around and them going to different websites and
trying to get into our application software. Now we can
not get back into the computer. This computer is used as a
cash register for our maternity store. We can't get past
the login screen. Our administrator password no longer
functions. We are a small company and we don't have an IT
department. How can I bypass the logon to windows window?
I don't know how to do anything this side of the logon.
I've used f8 to go into safemode. maybe I'll try that.
Will I be able to change the usernames and passwords
there? And then I've got to figure out how whoever it is
got in and stop it. If anyone can help I'd really
appreciate it. thanks

Steven L Umbach

Here is a link below to a procedure to reset the local administrator password on a
Windows 2000 computer. This should be done by someone that has at least moderate
computer skills, though they do not to be expert level. You really need to hire
someone ASAP to come out and check the security/integrity of your network and make
changes to prevent that kind of access again or much worse. The money will be well
spent if you hire someone good. Have a list of questions to ask them right away
before you have them come out - what are your qualifications, what will you do to
secure my network, how did this person get in, can you fax me your network security
checklist, etc. You need a properly configured firewall but it does not have to cost
a fortune - around $400 at MOST for a small business. Virus protection that also
scans all emails is extremely important. Keep in mind that hacks often can come from
those that have or had previous access such as ex employees. The second link is about
security basics for small business. --- Steve

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