Some of my slide text does not display in the Outline



I have a slide show of songs we use for church. Each slide consists of a Song
Title and the words to the song below, in separate text boxes. I need to
print a copy of the entire slide show for the organist. I thought printing
the Outline would cover that base, but there is a problem.

In Outline Mode, all of the song titles display, but only about 25% of the
song words display.

Most of the slide text was originally pasted into these text boxes from
Notepad and did not have any styles associated with them. On other slides, I
typed the text into a text box. Then, whether the text was pasted or typed,
I would change the font size to make each slide look uniform. Because the
slides were created this way, I can't figure out why some of the song words
display and other song words won't display in the outline.



Rae Drysdale

Only text in *placeholders* display in outline view. Text added using text
boxes will not appear.

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