Solver32.dll is unavailable... how do i get it to work



i recently installed the solver add-in, but when i got to use the solver it
says "Solver32.dll is unavailable-you will be able to define and edit solver
models, but not actually solve them. To fix this, please use Excel Setup to
reinstall solver"
how do i reinstall it? or get it to work?


I was getting this same error just after installing Solver. I was able
to get it to work by going to Tools --> Add-Ins, unclicking Solver
Add-in, clicking OK, then closing and restarting Excel. Then, I went
back to the Add-Ins and clicked Browse and opened up the Solver.xla
file in my Documents & Settings\..Application Data\Microsoft\AddIns
folder. It prompted me about replacing my current Solver add in and I
said yes. Then, I checked the Solver add in, restarted Excel again,
and it was working. If that doesn't work, try uninstalling and
reinstalling Excel and all of its components, including all of the add

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