[Solved] Harddisk overheated and dead, chip melted


Oliver Schulze

this is resolution of this post:

It seems that I can no longer post a reply there, so here is the
solution if someone
finds it usefull:

My HD is a Western Digital WD800JB-00CRA1
Model: WD800JB
Firmware: 00CRA1

it was overheated and a chip in the PCB melted, the disk won't spin

I buyed this item #8724818061 :

from Dariusale HDD solutions:

At first, I had my doubt, but the user has too good reviews so I buyed
the service. Great email communication.
He removed the burned chip in order to copy the BIOS, then he
send me a new PCB with the BIOS and a spare PCB at no cost.

He told me that the that chip was burned, was the "spin" chip and
the model of that chip in my original PCB get overheated easilly.

My sugestion to you is that you ship only the PCB, get a new
harddrive and try to do work with that until your new PCB arrives.

I live in Paraguay, SouthAmerica so it takes a little longer to
ship and receive the PCB.

The PCB was with Darius only 2 o 3 days, all the rest of the time I
spend buying local disks, searching ebay and asking in google.
It takes me a month from the day the chip burned to the day I
booted the drive with the new PCB.

I also uploaded pictures of my PCB to flickr.com and he looked
at it before I shipped my PCB. That helped me decide, because
he knew the problem after seeing the images.

Since I buyed a new WD 800JB, I keep my old HD as a backup. But
I don't see why I can't use it. Only 1 chip was burned, no mechanical
problem were found. Also, the new PCB is a original one from Western
Digital and the BIOS is the same after the flashing.

Now I have a 12mm Fan only for my two HD and also I monitor the
temperature of it with Speedfan http://www.almico.com/speedfan.php.
Speedfan will shutdown my PC if the temperature if my HD ger higher
than 50.

Since lossing a HD is really a bad experience, I wish you luck and


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