Solution to the Product Key problem.



This is what I found, wrirren by Tim Sneath "Musings of a Windows Vista
Technical Evangelist".

Wednesday, September 21, 2005 2:02 PM tims
PDC05: Product Key Problems
Some people have experienced difficulties with activating the Windows Vista
builds that we distributed at the PDC. Please accept our apologies for this;
there's been a mismatch between the activation servers and the product key
that was handed out. It's embarrassing - we screwed up - we're sorry. So
here's the deal:

For Windows Vista Beta 1, use the following product key:
For Windows Vista Build 5219 (PDC CTP), use the following product key:
If you are having problems activating either build, please try again
tomorrow. We are replicating the needed changes as we speak, but at this
point, not all the activation servers are updated.

Jupiter Jones [MVP]

That is unlikely to be relevant to any Product key issues with Windows Vista
Beta 2.
Did you notice the date of the note?
Product Keys for older builds do not work on current builds.

I am also curious where you found this old information.

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