solution required



I am new to am developing one web application in vb.net2003.
I am facing many problems in i would like to tell you one of
I hope i will have the good response and advice from all of the
members of this group...

problem is like this

I wanted to add checkbox and image in the datagrid and i did that but

i don't know how to fetch image from the oracle..actually i don't know
how to do
coding for that...and in my grid suppose there are seven checkbox and

if user checked 3 out of them then how i can know which
one is checked as i want to store the data of the row for which
checkbox is checked
also want coding for that.

if anyone can help me in this matter then i'll be thankful to him..or
suggest any nice book that covers the problem


When you post the same message in multiple newsgroups,
please post all of them at once. This way, they are linked
together, and if someone provides a solution in one
group, people in the other groups know they are free
to help someone else.

Robin S.

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