SOLUTION: Gateway M-6750 Marvell TOPDOG (EC85) Vista Driver Issue


Mike Brophy

Posting this solution as it took me several hours to conquer.

For anyone who has purchased a Gateway M-6750 and decided to blwo away
the factory image and put a different version of Vista (ships with
Vista Home Premium, I put Enterprise on), you may encounter a problem
with getting the Marvell TOPDOG 802.11n wireless network adapter to
work. You may get errors such as "device cannot start" when installing
the drivers which Windows Update downloads automatically.

The solution for me was simple but took many attempts:
1. Uninstall the adapter from Device Manager
2. Reboot
3. Connect your laptop to a wired internet connection
3. When prompted to install driver for hardware choose to have Windows
search for the correct driver
4. After it installs you will still notice (or will see the error)
that the device could not start
5. Now reboot your laptop
6. Upon reboot you should now see that the device is working

Crazy behavior, but it worked for me. Hopefully it will work for you.
Apr 1, 2017
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Thanks Mike to share your solution. It worked for me also. Came handy 9 years later..

1. I installed original Gateway drivers for Vista 64bit on Windows 10 Pro, 64bit however it would not take effect.
2. Marvell TopDog 802.11n Wireless (EC85) adapter would not show in Device manager > Network adapters leading to no wireless connection. Number of reboots and other trials did not help.
3. Realtek PCIe FE Family controller for LAN showed properly. /
4. I connected a wired LAN cable to laptop and after a few mins both Marvell and Display adapters took effect. (weird)

Folks - please do not install drivers from third party driver provides. It can be filled with adware and malware which even modern Virus detection softwares cannot detect. Best to download from original computer manufacturer or Marvell itself.

Gateway M-6750
Installed Win 10 Pro, 64bit
4 Gig Ram, 500Gig SSD

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