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From solution design and offshore software development to outsourcing
application support and improvement, Datagrep's offers a compelling
alternative to minimize software development costs, and improve the
quality of your software solutions and compress software development
time. We have been using state-of-the-art Quality Assurance
methodologies and practices in all its projects, focusing to deliver
error-free software services. We have delivered our services to
verticals including Healthcare, Financial Services and Banking,
Telecommunication, Retail, Security, Construction, Transportation etc.
Services: Our services include ERP, Web Development, Customized
Enterprise Solutions, Wireless/Mobile Application Development, Science
Intensive Development, Software Project Recovery, Database Development
and Migration, Linux/Unix Development, Embedded Software Development,
Porting and Migration, Legacy Systems, Re-engineering, Enterprise
Application Integration, Quality Engineering, Microsoft .NET
Development, Java Card Applications, Database solutions Java / J2EE
Development, Smart Card Solutions, etc. Process: Datagrep monitors the
overall direction for the project, including determining which features
the solution will and will not include, and a general schedule for
delivery. Then our team prepares the functional specifications, works
the design process through, and work plans, cost estimates and
schedules for the various deliverables. Testing highlights usage and
operation under realistic environmental conditions. The team aims on
resolving and triaging (prioritizing) bugs and preparing the solution
for release. Our testers develop the Test Plan, test cases and scripts,
the system and verify whether it functions as per the specification.
We support our customers with all required activities and procedures to
establish productive customer-contractor communication environment.
Project kick-off visits Normal visits to customer Onsite & offsite work
Regular project status reports, feedback Regular telephone conferences
(conference calls) For specific software development services
requirements write to (e-mail address removed) Contact Name : Datagrep Email:
(e-mail address removed)


I was wondering if I could see your 'Pedlar's Certificate' or 'Licence' ;-)
If you are in the USA, it is a 'Peddler'

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