sof3? failure?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by 4jamie4, Nov 28, 2007.

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    May 15, 2007
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    just wondering if anyone has got the chance to have a go at sof3 yet and what they might think of it. I tested it and was really dissapointed. The graphics: peoples legs getting blown up/ cars being demolished is all good but in my opinion it really lacks the sof spirit of having a good laugh online that its former predecessor holds. I think The makers saw a chance of a money snatcher and from the anticipations of cod4 or crysis made a cheaper version in place with similar graphics capabilities. For a 1st player on sof3 it might not seem too bad i guess because you dont know what your missing but if you were to look back at sof2 you would be asking the questions.. Why can't you do this/that anymore, Why don't i even know how to chat for god sake, why cant i fly about jumping off boxes and roof tops anymore.When new things come out they sometimes forget how effective simplicity can be and just follow suit. I just see it as a let down for all ex-players and clan members that might have had a pretty good time back in the days of sof2 only to be let down by a roller cola version of coke lmao. Release date for sof3 is the 7th of december this year so i guess we will see when it hits off.Another add-on to alf's ut3 review is that it only costs 18 pound on play .com ......
    4jamie4, Nov 28, 2007
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